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Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough? – All You Need to Know About Vaping

Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough? – All You Need to Know About Vaping

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You might cough on your first vaping encounter, but it is okay. Most people do so, so coughing on your first vape is not enough reason to quit. It will take a few hours or days to get acclimated to it, and the coughing will stop when your body adjusts. So please don’t fret about it. Even people who have been vaping for years still cough a little from time to time to take significant hits. The coughing is not an issue because you can easily prevent it by making a few changes here and there. Let’s look into it.

Is it Normal to Cough When Vaping?

Yes, it is. Most people do. However, you don’t need to be worried about it. The liquid heated to vapor and inhaled by users, known as vape juice, is filled with various chemicals, including propylene glycol and formaldehyde, both known to irritate the throat. Therefore, users may get a chronic cough if they develop a vaping habit. Fortunately, preventing chronic cough from vaping is pretty easy by changing your inhale technique, vape pen, or juice.

Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

There are a few different things that make you cough when vaping. For new vapers, it could be the technique they use when vaping, the vape juice, or even the vape pen. If you aren’t experienced, you probably aren’t breathing in long enough.

Vaping Technique

Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

Everyone is often tentative when they try new things. The only difference is that these emotions can make you shaky and affect how you vape. In most scenarios, you will take a sharp and short breath and inhale a heavy dose of vaporized air at once. However, it would be too sudden and most likely make you cough. To avoid this, act like an experienced vaper. Use long and slow breaths to take the vape air in. Just relax, take a deep breath and let it flow freely.

Vape Juice Ingredients

You will need to pay attention to the ingredients in the vape you use. For example, vape content like propylene glycol can make you cough. The reason is that some people are sensitive to this substance, hence the choking. However, propylene glycol is not the only one. Other ingredients in the vape juice can make some people cough. For experienced vapers, the reason could be vape quality. If contaminants in the vape can irritate your body system, you might respond with a cough. So, quality is paramount.

Nicotine Content

Many experienced vapers will understand this. If you have tried taking vape juices that contain minute or no nicotine, you must have figured that the throat hit isn’t strong compared to vapes with high nicotine content. The amount and strength of Nicotine in various juice could also be the reason why you are coughing.  If you’re an experienced vaper, you must have used zero nicotine vape juice, and you would have noticed a reduced throat hit. Vapes with high nicotine content are usually harsher and will increase the chances of making you cough.

Vape Pen

If you have noticed yourself constantly coughing when you vape, you might need to change your vape pen. Unfortunately, the vape pen you use can also contribute to frequent coughs. So, if you use a sub-ohm device, it might be better to switch to a more basic but high-quality vape pen and see if the coughing will reduce.


A drying and itchy throat can be the reason behind your coughs. You might need to pay attention to this to be able to stop the coughs. Some of the substances in vape juice, like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), can attract water. This attribute makes them easily create the clouds of vapor you see on exhale. However, this minor side effect is dehydration and a sore or dry throat a few times. So again, it could be the reason why you are coughing.

How to Get Rid Of Dry Cough When Vaping

Preventing this cough from reoccurring is straightforward, especially when you already know its cause. All you need to do is walk backward and retrace your steps.

Change Your Vaping Technique

The length of your inhalation is the crucial distinction. In general, vapers inhale for longer than smokers do. It is clear why this is the case. A cigarette burns down faster and produces more smoke if you puff it harder. More complex puffs on an e-cigarette don’t do much. The only method to acquire more vapor is to inhale deeply and hold the button depressed for longer. When you initially begin, you have to get used to this.

Try Using Nicotine Salts

It was difficult to vape high nicotine vape juice before nicotine salts. Salts of Nicotine altered this. In addition, you can ease throat hits by utilizing the natural nicotine in tobacco, allowing vapers to use higher nicotine levels without experiencing the unpleasant aftertaste. Try nicotine salts if you notice that your vaping habit is causing a cough.

Modify Your Habit

As we’ve seen, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine can result in mild dehydration, but you can prevent this by drinking more water. It might also be beneficial to add a drop of menthol e-liquid to your e-juice.


Coughing sometimes can be a symptom of vaping too much. So, if you find yourself coughing up phlegm when vaping, it could be something more severe like lung disease. Other lung disease symptoms you might notice when vaping include shortness of breath, diarrhea, fever, vomiting,  chest pain, and chronic cough. If you notice these systems, you might need to see a doctor. Buy delta 8 vape in USA at the best price.

However, if it is not a chronic cough, you aren’t vaping right. So don’t give up yet. Just modify your habit. Even though most adverse effects are mild and transient, vaping can have a significant positive impact, especially if you switch entirely to electronic cigarettes. Just ensure you visit credible stores like Truemoola to make your purchase.

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