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What Happens If You Take Too Much CBD Oil?

CBD oil is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol and is the extract taken from Cannabis Plants. Recently, in the medical industry doctors and patients have been looking to use CBD oil as a treatment for treating medical conditions that are long-term and terminal. Although CBD oil is no cure for these conditions, they do provide some relief to the hefty symptoms that come with these illnesses. But what about the effects it could have on our bodies?

As scientists and doctors have been doing research and experimenting. Let’s look at some of their findings related to what happens if you take too much CBD oil, why it is necessary to know all this, as well as more insightful information.

How Does CBD Affect Our Bodies?

The human body consists of different systems and the Endocannabinoid System is one of them. This system is responsible for several of the major bodily functions that we use every day. Such as sleeping, appetite, mood, and memory.

The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system enables it to act as a binding site for several anxiolytic drugs and other pharmaceutical therapy agents. It is a neurotransmitter system in the body that consists of synaptic junctions which transmit nerve impulses and specific chemicals which are neurotransmitters that pass on the nerve impulses to the next nerve in the series. 

The cannabinoid has three components to the system, these are receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids. Whether or not people use CBD, these still function as they always do. When asking the question of what CBD makes you feel like, many experts suggest that it provides a feeling of relaxation and that is due to the functioning of all the variables present in CBD.

Each component has its own function, the receptors exist throughout the body and serve to bind the neurotransmitters and pass on information. The enzymes can appear in many forms but two of these enzymes can break down the endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are responsible for making the internal functions run smoothly.

CB1 and CB2: The Cannabinoid Receptors in the Brain

The two types of receptors are CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors control functions in the Central Nervous System (CNS) these functions are. The CB1 receptors interact with the ECB system to have sharp effects on the actions that are controlled by the brain areas that include thought processes, cognitive behaviors, and focus, movement, pain, appetite, memory, and it governs coordination. Cannabinoid products can give off therapeutic properties in degenerative disorders that affect the CNS, especially in the brain. Its anxiolytic properties are used to help stress disorders and anxiety, as will diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s.

Whereas the CB2 receptors are another major type of receptors found in the Endocannabinoid are in the peripheral nervous system and these receptors influence pain and inflammation. After the enzymes break down the enzymes of these cannabinoids, the endocannabinoids bind with the receptors. Activating these receptors is responsible for all the health benefits people have been experiencing by using CBD oil and CBD oil products.

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CBD and Liver Metabolism

The most mentioned side effect of using CBD products is the effect it has on the hepatic metabolism of various drugs. The liver is the organ that serves to function in the detoxification of toxic substances that are absorbed by the body through foods. It also breaks down medications and drugs and makes them soluble metabolites that are then excreted from the body through urine.

If any substance should interfere with the liver function and its ability to metabolize the toxins and drugs it can damage the liver and the other functions throughout the body.

CBD can affect the functions of the liver, as cannabinoids are found to disturb the metabolism of important toxins such as morphine in the liver. CBD was found to inhibit the demethylation of morphine in the liver, this means inhibiting its detoxification and excretion from the body.

CBD and People Who Are Immunocompromised

Another effect of CBD is that it also acts to suppress the immune activity of a person if they use it for long. More specifically suppresses the autoimmune responses of the body. This declines the immune functions of the body and will result negatively for people who are needing their immune systems to fight off infections.

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CBD and Fertility

Research has shown that CBD has a detrimental effect on the reproductive health of individuals that have a low sperm count. The prolonged use of CBD decreases the fertilization capacity of sperm. It also decreases the testicular mass and testicular function in male individuals.

Read our article to know the relationship between CBD and Pregnancy.

What Happens if We Take Too Much?

The FDA hasn’t regulated the purity and use of CBD oil, the toxicity levels of CBD oil are not the same as using the Cannabis plant. However, just like any other substance, you could take too much CBD. CBD has been packed into dosages that are safe when taking CBD. Mostly, people are advised to only take between 5-20 mg per day. Most tinctures do have about 100 and 1500 mg in a bottle. Research has shown that people can take up to 1500 mg per day.

A toxic dose of CBD amounts to 20 000 mg but is not considered to be lethal. CBD however taken in large doses can cause drowsiness, lethargy, having an upset stomach, experiencing nausea and diarrhea, and other side effects in extreme cases. CBD does not give its users a “high”, people would consider it a better option than using medications as you cannot become addicted to it. 

CBD oil can also interact with other medications if you are taking them. You cannot overdose on CBD oil although it can pose a health risk potentially. Even CBD products that contain some THC cannot be overdosed on as these products can only have a maximum amount of 0.3% of THC in them. The dosage of CBD oils differs from person to person as everyone’s body reacts differently to CBD. A mislabelled CBD product can also increase the chances of someone overdosing on CBD.

Symptoms and Signs That someone Could Be Overdosing On CBD

There are many factors that can go into someone suffering from an overdose, even if it is as rare as overdosing on CBD oil. These factors include but are not excluded to, the amount of the CBD dose, using a contaminated CBD product, being a first-time user, body weight, and using an expired CBD product. 

A contaminated CBD product can cause an overdose depending on the ingredients used in the product. Expired CBD products can make you sick. CBD cannot kill you, but not using the correct dosages for your body can result in harmful side effects.

The symptoms or signs you should look out for are:

  • Psychotic reactions where the person becomes paranoid or loses touch with reality and becomes paranoid because of that.
  • Chest pains, heart attack or, heart beating rapidly
  • Having a pale skin color on the body
  • Increase in high blood pressure and having a headache
  • Unresponsive or delusional effect
  • Uncontrollable shaking or seizures
  • Decreased coordination, judgment, perception, could lead to injuries and even death
  • Panics attacks or extreme anxiety

By using CBD excessively, you could damage your liver. If you don’t feel the same effects as before when taking CBD, it is because people can build a tolerance to CBD oil. The CBD oil stays on your body depending on how much you take and how often you take it.  If this happens, consider taking a break of 3-5 days before you start taking the CBD again to help reset your body.

If you don’t want to take the break, minimize your CBD dosages by half until you start feeling the effects of it again.

ingesting drops of cbd oil

What Do You Do If Someone Has Taken Too Much CBD?

If you are worried that someone might have ingested too much CBD, then you should follow these few steps to assess if they have and get medical attention. You should call 911 or get the person to a hospital if they are unconscious, having a seizure, or having trouble breathing.

Be sure to have the following information ready as this will help treat the person. Give the name of the product that they have taken, the person’s weight and height and, also how much was ingested and when it was taken. If the person is experiencing any vomiting or diarrhea keep them hydrated.


Since medical marijuana has been made legal in most states it still remains a risk for people who suffer from diseases such as compromised immune systems and liver disorders. CBD can seem like a harmless substance but there can be some severe side effects that could lead to serious conditions. The FDA has only regulated one CBD drug which is called Epidiolex that treats two rare strands of epilepsy.

Therefore, any other CBD products are not to be used to treat, cure or prevent illnesses and diseases if the FDA has not approved them for medical use. Make sure you always purchase your CBD products from a reputable company that has tested products and discloses their ingredients and how the CBD is manufactured to the public. A very well-known company is Truemoola, check out their catalog now.

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Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive – 7 Reasons!

Many people ask the question that “Why is CBD oil so expensive?” CBD, a product known for its many benefits, isn’t cheap, and justifiably so too. Its production, manufacturing, and testing are not only costly but also require a lot of extensive manpower. This becomes even more true when farmers are unable to afford the sophisticated machinery needed for hemp production and extraction. There are many other factors that contribute to the cost, but more on that later.

As a consumer, it becomes hard for people to afford expensive CBD. They hence try to go for cheap alternative brands that don’t sell quality products. These brands don’t follow any particular guidelines, and their products are often free from any standardization or quality control mechanisms.

But should the high price be a strong enough factor to discourage you from buying from authentic sites, certainly not? Once you go through the reasons mentioned below, you will understand the reasons behind the high cost of CBD. There is a lot more to the story here.

The Reasoning Behind Why CBD Oil is Pricey

Whether CBD is actually expensive or not depends on individual perceptions. However, many buyers feel that CBD products, although very beneficial, cost more than alternative medications. But this isn’t without reason. Here are some reasons that add to the high costs.

1. Difficult farming- a challenge for many farmers

You already know that CBD is derived from plant sources, but many people don’t know that the farming of hemp is no easy process. It is not only a very time-consuming process but also requires extensive energy on the part of the farmers.

Many farmers are scared to delve into the intricacies and are hence discouraged from beginning hemp production. The challenge is even more unprecedented for people who have just recently switched from food crops like fruits and vegetables. With hemp, they need to take care of a lot of things and follow many intricate steps.

Hemp production requires a lot of manual work and inspection during its growth, which takes a toll on farmers. They not only have to spend more time on introspection, but they also need to hire additional labor for the extensive manual work.

To better understand the complexities, take the example of hemp plants that produce a large amount of THC. This amount often exceeds the one considered legal by the state laws. THC is harmful and problematic because it can result in an intoxicating effect. These extra plants hence need to be destroyed. Hemp farmers thus have to stay on a constant lookout to prevent any large-scale crop loss.

Harvesting hemp poses another acute problem. Harvesting the hemp requires complex machinery, and many farmers don’t have that. This is especially true for people who have previously produced only food crops. Farmers hence need to buy and maintain the machines, which adds to the cost. This machine, also known as a combine, is hence not used, and many people prefer harvesting their crop manually.

refinement kit for CBD

2. Difficult extraction and refinement add to the cost

Wouldn’t it be nice if hemp extraction were as simple as squeezing the juice out of lemons? but sadly that is not the case. A major reason for the high cost lies in the extraction and refinement process, which is very expensive. The process is very sophisticated and requires expensive and very highly calibrated machines. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make CBD at home because it can be done only that it is inefficient compared to large scale factories.

Processors first extract CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp using only two primary solutions. These include carbon dioxide and highly sophisticated ethanol. These two are very effective methods and produce safe and high-quality final products.

However, many manufacturers prefer using ethanol because it is a less expensive method. Furthermore, with ethanol, they can also scale up their production and generate more revenue. However, the major issue lies with companies that produce smaller batches frequently. They opt for superficial CO2 extraction. This is because compared to ethanol, CO2 can extract greater amounts of CBD from hemp and can result in a more sophisticated product. This is a major reason that some brands sell CBD oil at a higher price.

Another major problem is that both these methods produce products that contain CBD, THC, and additional minor cannabinoids and their products also contain all of these ingredients, some of which are illegal in some states. Having THC in their product is a huge problem because many people want to enjoy the benefits of CBD only without any intoxication cost by THC. This is why many companies need to further process the hemp plant and create a broad-spectrum extract. This continued refinement process helps create THC-free CBD products.

It is also further noted that some companies are also investing in a hybrid method to make more sophisticated products and stand out in the market.

3. Standardization is expensive

The development, good manufacturing practices, and quality control require major investment and hence add to the cost of the final product. Reputable companies like Truemoola don’t compromise on quality in their products and hence have their products undergo a lot of testing and procedures to find the right extract, but more on that later. Good companies don’t copy research and development done by others. Instead, they invest heavily in R&D, good manufacturing practices, and tough quality control to create better hemp products. All of this contributes to the higher costs associated with CBD.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that R&D requires the expertise of the best of the best experts in the market. A company needs to pay highly educated, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals who can further enhance the quality of their CBD product. Additionally, money needs to be paid to reputable partners for any third-party evaluation and testing.

So, when you see companies selling their products at very cheap prices, know that they are either not investing a great deal in manufacturing or they are escaping testing mechanisms. Because without top-tier equipment and reliability and quality, products will definitely suffer. Furthermore, corner-cutting should also take place to increase the health benefits of any product.

4. Marketing and distribution

Another major step that companies need to take is the marketing and distribution of CBD products. One of the biggest reasons behind the expensive CBD oils is their small-scale distribution. In many states and many countries, the legality of CBD is an issue, which is why many stores and drug companies refuse to sell the supplements.

This not only limits selection and production but also results in inexpensive distribution of products. In short, according to many retailers, CBD poses a potential liability and hence shouldn’t be sold in their stores. Anyone who understands distribution mechanisms would know that when the product demand is less, its shipping and distribution costs increase. Buying and selling products in bulk are often less expensive.

Additionally, many major platforms like Amazon also don’t sell CBD. Huge brands like Amazon impact the business and repute of such products. Their refusal to accept CBD products poses a huge problem. It is worth noting here that many products that you find online on Amazon are not authentic and shouldn’t be trusted. Furthermore, CBD sellers also face limited marketing opportunities. Major social media and broadcasting sites as well as many search engines ban advertising and marketing of CBD products, owing to legality issues. This makes it very hard for CBD manufacturers to effectively sell their products to the market audience.

symbolic items used by the judge

5. CBD companies lack governmental and institutional support

Both the things mentioned in the title are extremely important in ensuring how much a company flourishes. Sadly, in the case of CBD, there aren’t many financial institutions that are willing to take a leap of faith and support small and large-scale CBD companies. Despite recent economic crashes, banks still take a risk-aversive stance and suffer in the greater run.

It is sad to see that despite the growing acceptance and the rising market of cannabis, these institutions are still not ready to give in their support. This attitude not only discourages competition and advancement in technology but also results in a demand and supply chain problem.

Another added problem is that credit card processing companies as well as the banks that ultimately decide to work with hemp companies end up charging way more for their services. This adds to the rising CBD costs in the market. Furthermore, investors that invest in CBD companies aren’t willing to invest in research. They want fast returns, and the only way to get that is to increase prices.

6. It may all be a misperception

Many brands also claim that CBD pricing is vaguely understood and is often exaggerated to discourage consumers. We will assess this claim right here.

To get an accurate idea, it is better to judge CBD product prices relative to per-milligram terms. This is because higher concentrations are mostly less expensive per Milligram of CBD. However, many first-time users begin with low-concentration products that they find expensive. They need to realize that once they switch their products, the prices are going to go down.

7. Existence of scam artist

It is a sad reality that in the world of CBD, the existence of scam artists is a reality. This has not only tarnished the image of many brands but has also actively discouraged users from investing in the product. Like we mentioned earlier, the products on Amazon are not of the best quality. In some cases, they are not even registered with any company.

However, faulty marketing strategies help these scammers fool customers easily. These customers end up trusting the product and buying it without verification. In exchange, they get huge money out of these sales.

But the biggest problem is that since these products are made to scam people, they are expensive by nature. In the long run, such products and their high prices discourage loyal customers who are unable to find alternatives. However, before you give up on finding an alternative entirely, read ahead, we have something great in store for you.

Why Should You Buy CBD Regardless of Its Price?

High cost is a huge issue, but it shouldn’t deter you from using this marvelous product. If you are having second thoughts, let us clear your confusion and point out all the great benefits associated with CBD usage. Here is a look at some unparalleled advantages to using the product.

patient suffering from chronic pain

Reduces pain

Many studies have concluded that medical or recreational CBD, when taken in tablet, gummies, or oil form, helps reduce pain in the body. It contains ingredients that can directly target the pain receptors in your body and help in pain mitigation. This is especially true for people who are not getting better after taking other medications.

Reduces anxiety and depression

Psychological disorders are sometimes more harmful than physical ones. This is because the latter is still detectable and can be easily treated. On the other hand, psychological disorders and their causation is difficult to establish and hence the treatment becomes harder. One of the best things about CBD is that it helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression and results in an overall good mood. This is why many people suggest CBD intake for good health.

Improves Neuronal receptor action.

CBD has also been found to mitigate and reduce symptoms related to neuropsychology. However, the research is lacking in this area and more needs to be done. However, the FDA has approved CBD for a rare disease in children. This is a testament to the fact that CBD has a connection to the neurology of a human. However, further research needs to be done to substantiate claims.

Are You Thinking of Getting CBD Oil?

Now that you have finally decided to buy CBD, the main question arises: where to buy CBD from?. If you want to achieve the correct balance between price and reliability, you need to visit True Moola today. It is a one-stop solution for all your CBD concerns. You can not only find the most reliable products, but also the most standardized ones. The brand sells it in a variety of forms, thus allowing you to choose one that you prefer. If you want more details regarding their prices, their offers, and brand information.

Check for more insights on CBD products.

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CBD and Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Almost every woman dreams of the day when she gives birth to a child, but the pregnancy time period comes with its fair share of ordeals and side effects. It induces unpleasant feelings like nausea, vomiting, body aches, and mood swings. Apart from these, women also undergo extreme psychological distress, including anxiety and depression.

During this time, you are looking for things and medications that can help reduce your symptoms. Moreover, you are also looking for natural remedies that can help with pain and other side effects. There is a lot of talk related to CBD and its positive effects on pregnant women. Some brands claim that CBD can do wonders for pain relief and psychological distress, while research suggests caution. According to many researchers, CBD may prove beneficial, but the lack of research and empirical data in the area demands restraint.

However, to know whether there is any truth to the opposing claims, read ahead to know more about whether or not can you use CBD while pregnant?

What Is CBD?

Before we move on to the actual claims and their validity, we need to understand the product. CBD has been around for many years, but many people are unaware of its origins and its legality. CBD or cannabidiol is a component that is derived from the cannabis plant. It is often used interchangeably to THC, another component derived from the same sources, however, using the products interchangeably can have dire consequences.

CBD is mostly used for therapeutic effects and for mitigating pain. On the other hand, THC may be used for similar purposes, but it leads to a certain high associated with cannabis plants. So, make sure you are not taking THC for pregnancy.

young pregnant woman taking drops of cannabis oil

How To Consume CBD?

CBD is available in a variety of products. Most people take it in the form of tablets or an oil extract that is added to food for enhanced flavor and easier administration. With the former, you can take in a fixed amount of CBD and can better regulate its usage. However, with an exact form. Administration becomes easy. But these aren’t the only ways to consume CBD.

You can also take it in the form of gummies or powder. Moreover, many people prefer taking in the form of oils. But depending on your preference, you can choose a form that best serves your purpose.

What Are the General Benefits of CBD? 

Below are some of the general benefits of CBD itself and products containing CBD, read on to find out what they are.

The unregulated use of any product can be harmful to you. Like in many conditions, the use of CBD oil during pregnancy is not advised. The federal drug administration goes as far as to strongly advise against the use of CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because research on the subject is still in the developmental phase and the effects on the fetus are still unknown. Currently, there is no evidence suggesting whether some amount of THC can enter the brain of the baby or not.

Here, the problem isn’t with the use of CBD – but its unregulated use. It is worth remembering that many drug companies don’t follow any strict procedures when it comes to the manufacturing or standardization of CBD. This can result in small amounts of THC in CBD products. As mentioned before, the former produces the high associated with cannabis plants and can have long-lasting and deteriorating effects on the child’s brain.

Additionally, another risk is of CBD affecting embryo implantation and promoting miscarriages of women. This claim is further substantiated by the advice of Felice Gersh, a California-based MD and OB-GYN and award-winning author of books on female pregnancy.

However, the FDA realizes that many women have experienced some level of pain relief and pain mitigation after consuming CBD. They have hence started more and more data related to CBD and its effects on female pregnancy. This, along with the speed in research, will help strengthen the claims of either party, the ones supporting the use and the others suggesting caution.

This brings us to our next question; can your health care provider advise CBD?


Asking for Expert Advice

It is worth remembering that every pregnancy is different. Some women may experience slight pains, whereas others experience excruciating pain and extreme psychological distress. Furthermore, women who have had experience with CBD before may not react very strongly to it. But these are all speculations. If you want sound advice and want to know for sure whether you can take CBD or not, you need to consult with your health professional.

Health professionals will take in your history, evaluate your physical and mental health, and will act accordingly. Moreover, they will help regulate your dosage, so you don’t take in more than you should. Additionally, they will recommend to you a brand that is known for standardizing and testing its CBD products extensively before usage. All this will help minimize the risks and will help you purchase a product that suits you.

Using CBD Before Realizing You Are Pregnant?

The strict guidelines by FDA and common myths surrounding the product have instilled fear among women. This includes especially those women who have used CBD before they have realized they are pregnant. If they get a positive test after a couple of weeks, and they have been using CBD products during that time, they shouldn’t panic. According to many doctors including Marco Mouanness, Md, and fertility expert in  New York City, these women shouldn’t be scared and simply stop consumption when they realize their pregnancy. Moreover, they should immediately consult with their OB/GYN to get their take on the issue.

What Does the Research Say?

Before you jump to any conclusions, you need to understand how medical research works. In a variety of cases, researching on human subjects is not possible. This results in a lot of animal studies. Although human studies are better, animal studies also offer a better insight into the issue. When it comes to pregnancy, CBD research is not very common. However, many animal studies have found out a positive relationship between THC and miscarriage. This is cause for concern because THC is another product that is derived from cannabis and is often used interchangeably with CBD.

In many cases, your doctor will prescribe some additional hormones like progesterone to minimize any potential risk of miscarriage. According to many doctors like Dr.Gersh, taking this additional progesterone will help protect the body from the effects of CBD experienced during early pregnancy. However, here, it is worth remembering that there is a huge difference between CBD and THC. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t make your stones.

Similarly, it doesn’t intoxicate and doesn’t come in a drug test. Moreover, CBD has been known for offering many benefits like pain relief, improved neurological system, and better psychological health, so before you dismiss the product entirely, make sure you consult with your health provider.

woman taking cbd oil for her health

Some Potential Harms

If you are still thinking of using CBD without first consulting with your doctor, here are some things you should remember. Here are all the perceived risks associated with the use of CBD during pregnancy.

  • Risk of miscarriage

Animal studies have found a positive link between continuous use of CBD and early miscarriage. While animal studies aren’t as conclusive as human studies, they still hold some relevance.

  • Reproductive harm

Other animal studies have linked the use of CBD during pregnancy to lower sperm production in the male offspring. This could seriously hamper your child’s reproductive attributes later in his life. So if you are giving birth to a boy, you are risking his future by continuous use of CBD.

When Can I Start Using CBD Again?

Starting CBD usage as soon as you have given birth may not be the best choice. If you want to breastfeed your child, you should ideally hold off the use of CBD for some time. This is because there is a high risk of CBD crossing from your milk to your child and causing some harm. Additionally, there is other evidence that suggests a negative impact of CBD on infant motor development. This becomes a great issue because some studies have found out that CBD remains can be found in your breast milk for up to six days after use.

But don’t be too upset just now. You can start using CBD products as soon as you are done breastfeeding your child. At this point, you or your baby are no longer at risk of harm. Here it is worth remembering that CBD comes with its fair share of pros and cons even after post-pregnancy use. So make sure you understand its downsides before you start consuming it again.

Alternatives To Pain Mitigation

If your goal is to have an easier pregnancy, one where you don’t experience uncomfortable side effects or symptoms all the time, we have some solutions for you. These may not be as beneficial as CBD, but they can definitely help ease your life.


This is one of the best natural remedies that has been used by people since ancient and biblical times. It was previously used to help with nausea and vomiting. Many doctors now recommend that ginger also helps with digestion and the general metabolism of the body. Furthermore, some doctors like Dr.Gersh also note that using ginger in a variety of forms, like in tea or powder form can allow for many great benefits.


Getting adequate sleep is one of the things women struggle most with. They often turn to medications when there are perfectly safe and harmless natural remedies available. To help with sleep, magnesium can help a great deal. It is one of the most essential vitamins that help induce a calming effect in the body. Moreover, it helps combat depression and anxiety. Additionally, magnesium also helps block pain receptors, so pregnant women can sleep with ease.

Vitamin B

Many people consume vitamin B in supplement form, and they enjoy countless benefits associated with it. Vitamin B can help reduce the severe side effects of pregnancy. However, you shouldn’t take vitamin B more than is recommended by your health practitioner. So before jumping on the bandwagon, make sure to consult your health provider.

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CBD and The Question of Legality

If you are someone who’s interested in using CBD post-pregnancy, there are some things you should know about its legal status. Even after much clarification by brands and professionals, many people are still confused regarding this. We will be clarifying everything in just a bit.

At the federal level, the government approves many CBD products derived from hemp plants, however, individual states are changing the law almost every other month. The federal and the state laws are hence different from each other. So before using any CBD products, it is important that you check with the state laws. This is because failure to comply might result in a fine or imprisonment. As for the FDA, it has not approved any CBD product except for one prescription drug to treat a severe form of seizure disorder in children.

Key Takeaways!

There is no denying the fact that CBD is one of the most amazing products out there. It not only offers some of the most extraordinary benefits but also helps improve the day-to-day life of people. However, its many benefits become redundant when it comes to pregnant women. The product may be completely safe for women or may not impact the fetus’s health at all, but like much else regarding CBD, this is also speculation. To help make the product a reliable one for pregnant women, more research needs to be done.

However, if you are pregnant, you shouldn’t be too sad. You can start using CBD and enjoy its many benefits as soon as you have given birth or as soon as you have done breastfeeding your child. For best results, you can shop from Truemoola.

It is an excellent brand that guarantees standardized CBD products in the form of gummies, oils, and much more. Moreover, its focus on advanced testing and standardization helps provide you with THC-free products. So, if quality and reliability are at the top of your criteria, there is no better store for you than Truemoola.

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How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work For Joint Pain?

Joint pain or arthritis pain is uncomfortable and can seriously hamper your day-to-day life. Despite a plethora of medications. With severe joint pain, you may be wondering about a CBD treatment or a combination of CBD and THC. Does the product help in reducing the pain? Is it legal and is it safe for long-term use? These are some of the questions that potential users ask often.

Whether you have already tried it, or you are seriously considering it, this article will help you understand everything about your symptoms and the efficiency of CBD in regulating them. Moreover, it will also highlight the legality of the products along with how long does it take for CBD oil to work for joint pain. In the end, we will reveal a big surprise, but for that, you will have to read the whole article. And trust us, it will be worth your while.

What Is CBD Oil?

People in the United States and other countries are familiar with CBD therapeutic products. It is extracted from cannabis plants and is known for pain relief and other benefits. Unlike many other cannabinoids like THC, CBD doesn’t produce any high and is hence not taken for recreational purposes. Moreover, compared to THC, the use of CBD is legal in many parts of America.

A lot of research has been done over the years. As a result, the market is bombarded with many CBD products, but there are only some that prove fruitful for joint pain, but more on that later.

The amount of CBD in all of these products differ. Moreover, CBD is found in the form of capsules, in the form of liquids and oil, and even in the form of a spray. For most people, the best way to take CBD is in the form of oils. This is because the liquid form is the most harmless and its amount can be easily regulated.

Before we delve further into the topic, remember that cannabis is also referred to as hemp. This is dependent on the amount of hemp it contains. There is a lot of confusion regarding the legality of all cannabis-related products. But for the sake of this article, we will be focusing on legal CBD.

person having back pain

What Is Joint Pain and What Are Its Symptoms?

Before we explain the symptoms, it is worth noting that joint pain and arthritis are used interchangeably. This is because joint pain coupled with inflammation of joints is known as arthritis. Their symptoms, as well as their treatment, are similar. So, for the sake of the article, we will be referring to joint pain as arthritis on certain occasions.

Arthritis affects more than 54.4 million people and is the leading cause of disability in the United States. There are two main kinds of pain: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The former is an autoimmune disease where a person’s genetics come into play. The person’s immune system not only attacks the joints but also causes significant inflammation. This can affect your feet, hands. As a result, you can experience swollen, painful, or stiff joints.

On the other hand, osteoarthritis, the more common form of joint pain, is a degenerative condition that affects bones and joint cartilages. It causes the joints to become stiff and painful. It is different from many other forms of arthritis because it only affects the hip, thumb, and knee joints.

CBD and Joint Pain-What Does the Research Say?

Brands will always make exaggerated and faulty claims when it comes to their products, but you don’t have to trust every word they say. There is, however, one thing that you can always trust: research. According to the Arthritis Foundation, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that formulates a relationship between CBD and joint pain. People who have been administered CBD have reported noticeable relief in their pain. They have also reported much better sleep and overall reduced anxiety and depression. The cumulative effect of all these things helps the person live a healthier life.

There have also been other studies that establish a connection. These have been carried on animals mostly. But like with vaccines, they make substantial claims and conclusive evidence. Here are some studies you can check out.

1. Attenuation of early phase inflammation by cannabidiol prevents pain and nerve damage in rat osteoarthritis

This concluded that CBD is a safe and effective medicine for use against osteoarthritis pain.

2. Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviors in a rat model of arthritis

This concluded that topical application of CBD could potentially relieve pain and inflammation related to joint pain.

3. Preliminary assessment of the efficacy, tolerability, and safety of a cannabis-based medicine (Sativex) in the treatment of pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis

This study is one of the best ones out there and concluded that a cannabis-based spray called Sativex can help relieve pain.

Although the research is promising, more needs to be done in the research department to increase people’s trust in medicine.

cannabis leaves on trays

Is There One CBD Product That Fits All?

It is with mentioning here that there are many types of arthritis and the symptoms, and the intensity of pain experienced in each differs from each other. So, a medication that works for one person may not work for the other. So, you will have to assess your symptoms before you reach a decision, but more on that later.

Most medications aimed at treatment help reduce pain and stiffness in the joints. However, for rheumatoid arthritis, conventional prescriptions work better. However, with relatively mild pain, CBD related products like relief creams can do a very good job.

Moreover, it is important to remember that individuals’ responses to each medication and treatment can be very different. So, it is highly unlikely that one CBD medication works for everyone out there. Now that we have understood joint pain and what it feels like, it is time to understand the effect of CBD on pain.

CBD and Its Effectiveness for Joint Pain

CBD is one of the very few products that has sparked the interest of researchers and a lot of studies have been conducted so far to see its effectiveness. While there have been human studies, most studies have been done on animals and have promised significant results.

These studies have suggested that CBD is not only effective but also safe for joint pain and chronic arthritis pain. A recent study that lasted 12 weeks offers cause for happiness. It concluded that the effects of cannabis and CBD are positive. However, this study is still a preliminary report and doesn’t offer conclusive results. But that doesn’t negate the fact that the study established some connection between CBD oils and arthritis pain.

But large-scale studies aren’t the only way to establish results. There are a couple of other evidence-based pieces of knowledge that have helped researchers draw this conclusion. Doctors who prescribe CBD swear by the medicine and say that its administration drastically helps people with joint pain. Furthermore, it has also been stated that regardless of which form the product is taken, it offers benefits. So you can take CBD in a capsule, liquid, or spray form and still experience a plethora of benefits.

grandma smiling

Are There Downsides to CBD Treatment?

This is a question that is commonly asked on the internet and justifiably so too. People who trust the product so much want to know whether it is safe for them or not. There are downsides to every treatment, however, CBD is considered to be a relatively safer product for use against joint pain.

Some people may experience lightheadedness, dry mouth or sleepiness after frequent administration. But many of the downsides of CBD emerge due to lack of standardization. The lack of state regulations gives companies a free hand to make CBD products like they want. This has the added disadvantage of giving different results on each application.

To avoid this, all you have to do is invest in the right kind of product. Finding a company that is reliable and has significant experience in the market will help you achieve better results. Another issue that you might face is with the price of the product.

Like many other medications, CBD isn’t expensive. Its extraction and manufacturing requires state-of-the-art technology, which adds to the overall costs. However, the benefits of the product far outweigh its harms. So, while deciding on the product, never let the high prices discourage you.

Key Takeaways!

Knowing the pros and cons of each product is important, especially when you are hoping for it to cure your problem altogether. The art here is to not have exaggerated and unreal expectations from the product. For best results, you should try using the product along with other conventional medications.

Now that we have understood everything about CBD, it is time for a big reveal. If you are thinking that no single brand can be trusted, you are in for a big surprise. Truemoola exceeded everyone’s expectations and introduced quality CBD products that undergo a lot of testing and a good amount of standardization. All in all, if you are looking for a reliable brand, you don’t have to look very far.

woman relieving pain through exerciseCategoriesCBD Oil

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain

People suffering from chronic pain, or the symptoms of other diseases or illness have started experimenting with CBD oil and products to see if it can help relieve the pain that they are feeling. It helps them cope with the pain they are experiencing. 

CBD oil has been tested on different types of human conditions such as anxiety, depression, and skin conditions which has shown to alleviate the severity of these symptoms. 

Ways to Use CBD Oil for Pain Relief

There are different ways you can use CBD oil and its products. It can be taken orally, inhaled, or applied to the skin. Each method has a different effect on the body – and since everybody’s body differs the results can be different as well. 

Taking it as a capsule or using the liquid formula means that it is going to be absorbed through the digestive tract. This can have a slow release as there can be a delay on how quickly the CBD breaks down and gets into the system. The time frame can be between one to two hours but can be affected by factors such as your stomach acids and what an individual might have consumed before taking CBD.  

Capsules can be used on a daily basis and are safe as the correct dosage has already been determined. Taking gummies or eating edibles infused with CBD oil is a least safe option according to experts and can pose a risk if you are living with children as their packaging is very appealing and can be easily mistaken for sweets. 

Using the liquid CBD extract means the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. You can use a glass dropper or a spray cap and put the liquid underneath the tongue and hold it for a few seconds, somewhere between 60 to 120 before swallowing. The taste is unpleasant if not flavoured but effects can be felt within 15- 45 minutes of use.  You can use it by applying it on your skin, CBD oil can be infused into balms and lotions and be massaged into the area which has been experiencing pain such as the joints. 

Vaping is another method of using CBD. Inhaling the CBD, you are inhaling the vapor oils, and this has risks of its own and is not recommended as a treatment method for chronic pain. 

adding cannabis to tea for pain relief

CBD Dosage Guide

Here are some factors to consider if you are not sure how much CBD you should use. 

  • Be mindful that the CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Each drop would then consist of the amount of CBD present in the drop as well as the carrier oil. 
  • Begin with small dosages when just starting out with using CBD oil. Start off with the liquid drops and use them twice a day.  Try this out for a week to allow your body to get used to the CBD and adjust accordingly. If you do not experience any relief after this trial period, you can then increase the dosage by the same amount. 
  • Over the next few weeks you can increase the dosages a little at a time. 
  • Once you find a relief dosage, stick to it, and maintain that level of CBD in your blood. 
  • If the CBD oil does not work on its own, you can ask a doctor to combine it with THC if your state allows medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. This product should not exceed 0.3% THC. 
  • Bear in mind that even though the THC levels are minimum it might give you the “high” feeling and these can lead to cognitive, motor, and balance issues. Start off using these types of products at night to allow your body to sleep off the unwanted effects. 
  • Sometimes, even CBD combined with THC might not work for your body or help alleviate the symptoms. 

Different Types of CBD Oil Products 

Since the rise of CBD products and oils within the medicinal industry, there are some top CBD oils that are manufactured, tested, and used for pain management. These products have been used as treatments for Parkinson’s and even used to alleviate the symptoms of cancer. Many benefits can be derived from CBD products.

These are the CBD oils and products to look for:

cbd ointment for pain

CBDFX – Variety of Concentrations of CBD Tinctures 

This company has selected organic crops that have no pesticides, or GMO components to deliver quality CBD that has not been exposed to any harmful chemicals. They have a specialized extraction process of Co2 that ensures the CBD is highly purified. This clean method also maintains energy efficiency. The facilities follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practices and follow close inspections and high-grade standards. 

There are certain advantages for this product which are that it is available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. They add additional cannabinoids for better potency. There is a wide range of concentrations available such as being cruelty-free, solvent-free, and having CBD with ultra-strength. It also comes with a 60-day guarantee. 

However, some cons include that the product occasionally goes out of stock due to being in high demand. Products are also checked for any contaminants, and this gets done eight times to ensure quality products. Each item is also labeled with a traceable QR code that is linked to the lab report which includes important details such as the ingredients, and where the products were manufactured, and how they were produced. 

It is available in various forms such as the following, 

  • CBD + CBN Oil Calming tincture – This helps you relax and unwind. Formulated to put your body into a much calmer state which then would ease the pain. 
  • CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture – This product has been formulated to boost your health with a ratio of 2:1 ratio of broad-spectrum CBD to CBG. Instead of purchasing these CBD tinctures separately you can combine them both and have the combined effect of both wellness and the calming effect. 

Natural – Natural CBD Oils and CBD Isolate 

Their hemp-derived tinctures contain natural oils that possess all the benefits of both CBD and CBC without THC included. It has a natural sweetness in their CBC Isolate 250 and CBD 2 500 drops. These tinctures have been developed to reduce inflammation such as physical discomfort and to improve mental wellness. There are two options to choose from: 

  • CBC Isolate 250 + CBD 2 500 Oil Tincture 
  • CBD Isolate 2 500 Oil Tincture 

The pros of this product are that it has been founded by Naturopathic Dr. Mary- Ann Stanger. They are 100% organic and free from chemicals, pesticides, and other toxic additives. The cons to this are that it isn’t flavored. 

Sunday Scaries – Vitamin Filled Tinctures 

If you are new to CBD oils, this is the best product to start off with. This product is infused with Vitamins B12 and D3. It can also be mixed with coconut oil for those people who want to take CBD oil sublingually. It has been flavored with a fruit punch flavor. It is also lab-tested and THC-free. 

Each dropper serving contains 30MG of broad-spectrum hemp flower CBD oil. Use one full dropper dosage daily. 

There are, however, limited tincture options available. 

Extract Labs – Unique Favors 

All the extractions are taken from the lower portions of the cannabis plants as that is where the highest concentrations of the cannabinoids are found. By using this extraction method, they are to deliver high-quality CBD products with extra strength. 

They ensure that these products are free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. 

There is a wide variety available which includes different concentrations, blends, and flavors. 

  • Original CBD Tincture – 15ml (500MG of CBD) 30 ML (1000 MG of CBD) 60ML (2000 MG of CBD) 
  • Original extra strength CBD Tincture – 30ML (2000 MG of CBD) 
  • Broad- spectrum Tincture 
  • Pure CBD isolate Tincture – 30 ML (2000Mg of CBD) 
  • Lemon CBD Tincture 
  • Raspberry CBD Tincture – 30 ML (1000 MG of CBD) 
  • Banana Foster CBD Tincture 

All these products produced by Extract Labs are 100% natural and are lab tested to ensure that these substances are pure. They are designed to be taken sublingually. 

Charlotte’s Web – Inspired by Charlotte Figi Who Suffered from Epilepsy. 

These products are extracted from full-spectrum hemp plants and are available in multiple flavors. They are also 100% Co2 extracted. Charlotte’s web offers several CBD tinctures. 

  • CBD oil – 60MG CBD / 1 ML – Infused with flavors such as mint chocolate, lemon twist, or orange blossom. 
  • CBD oil – 17 MG CBD / 1 ML – This product has a combination of naturally occurring Phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential fatty acids per serving. 
  • Original Formula CBD oil – 50 MG CBD/ ML – This formula goes through a labor-intensive process that is done in small batches while extracting alcohol. You can choose between a 30ml or a 100ml bottle. These can be flavored with chocolate flavoring or be plain carrier oil such as olive oil or just natural flavors.  

All the products have an exclusive ingredient list which allows you to see what goes into manufacturing each product. The benefits of these products are to help people focus, support a calm and relaxed mood, alleviate stress factors, act as an anti-inflammatory and have antioxidant properties. 

CBD American Shaman – Best Water-Soluble CBD Tincture 

These oils are made from the top-grade hemp plants and it has been certified by the US Hemp Authority. It has an advanced bioavailability. However, there is a limited potency per tincture. The American Shaman has become a trusted source for CBD products. Their product processes follow the guidelines that are set out by the industry standards which ensures that the products are effective and high-grade hemp oil products. 

Options that are available: 

  • Water-soluble CBD 
  • VG cloud tincture – CBD and Terpene Rich Hemp Oil 
  • Water-soluble – Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 
  • CBD Extra- strength water soluble 
  • Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture 

If you are in the US, these products can be shipped. 

adding drops of cbd oil using dropper

Five CBD – Original Full Spectrum CBD Oil  

This is a full-spectrum CBD oil that has different potent level concentrations. It includes multiple terpenes and is loaded with minor cannabinoids. It, however, has a limited product variety. This formula has a ratio of 5:1 CBD to minor hemp compounds. 

Green Roads – Designed for Better Absorption 

This product has been certified by independent labs and is both vegan and gluten-free. Available in both full and broad-spectrum. There is no artificial coloring added as well. 

There are no CBD isolate tinctures available. But there are other CBD options available: 

  • Full-spectrum CBD Oil – 30 ML (300 MG, 750 MG or 1000 MG of CBD)
  • Sweet sleep CBD Oil – 30 ML (750 MG of CBD) 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD Oil – 30 ML, 750 MG or 1000MG of CBD oil) 

It can all be flavored as well with fruity goodness such as Apple and Mint Breeze. 

CBDistillery – Relief and Relaxation CBD Oil 

CBDistillery uses natural farming practices and has its products tested by a third party. They also offer a 60- day risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Keep in mind that their refund process might be a bit slow. 

CBD options that are available: 

  • Full – spectrum Relax and Relief CBD oil (500 MG, 1000 MG) 
  • CBN + CBD sleep Tincture – 30 ML (150 MG of CBD & 350 MG of CBD or 300MG of CBN & 900 MG of CBD) 

Use these products sublingually. 

Bloom Hemp – CBD Plus CBN & CBG Support 

These are limited in their CBD Oil concentrations. They are also vegan and gluten-free, as well as GMO and nut-free. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Here are the options that Bloom Hemp have available:

  • Essential Calming Tincture – 30 ML 
  • Essential Digestive Tincture– 30 ML
  • Essential Recovery Time – 30 ML
  • Full Spectrum Citrus Tincture – 30 ML 
  • Full Spectrum Natural Tincture – 30 ML 
  • Zero THC Natural Tincture – 30 ML  

Are You Ready To Use CBD Oil?

This article serves as an in-depth guide into the CBD oils and products that are safe to use, have been tested, and are manufactured by trusted companies who value their customers’ lives and ensure that their products are standard approved and regulated. Check out the wide variety of CBD products available at TrueMoola’s website, they are the epitome of relaxation! 

How to Make CBD OilCategoriesCBD Oil

How to Make CBD Oil

Buying Cannabis oil from a dispensary can be expensive depending on the brand and the type of product that you buy. You do not have to spend all your money on buying from outside sources, you can instead make your own. It is important to note that how you use CBD oil can have different effects and side effects on you. For example, the effects of smoking cannabis are different from consuming edibles. It usually takes longer to feel the effects with edibles as they have a slow release by first having to go through the digestive system. 

This can take between 1 to 3 hours depending on how fast or slow your metabolism is. A high from eating an edible can last up to 12 hours and is referred to as a “body high” this is much more intense and you can experience disorientation, a racing heart, and even nausea.

Smoking or vaping is a quick high as it takes effect as soon as inhaled and doesn’t last as long as it leaves the body just as quickly as it has entered. 

Be patient to not overdo it when either smoking or eating an edible. Always use small dosages, to begin with, to ease into using the products and give your body time to adjust to the new drug. 

What is Cannabis Oil? 

By lightly heating and adding cannabis extracts to a carrier oil you create cannabis oil. The Cannabinoids known as CBD and THC are both hydrophobic, this means that they don’t like water and are repelled by water molecules. Adding the cannabis leaves in the carrier oil allows for the THC and CBD molecules to leave the plant and mix with the carrier oil instead. Coconut and Olive oil are the most used carrier oils when taking CBD oil as they have other properties that are beneficial to humans. 

CBD are great on the skin and can be infused into foods. They also have antifungal and antimicrobial properties. These properties help prevent mold from forming when stored in a jar and extend the shelf life. CBD oil can be made from either hemp plants or marijuana plants.  There are different types of CBD forms, you can make it into gummies, capsules drop, and can be infused in cocoa butter, dairy butter, cooking oil glycerine, and other skincare products

It is recommended for medical use such as herbal therapy and requires a prescription. 

freshly opened cbd oil bottle

Why Make Cannabis Oil? 

Cannabis oil has become the foundation ingredient for ultra- healing lotions and ointment. It can help fight acne, straighten wrinkles, and balance natural skin oils. It can also soothe redness; irritation and it can reduce pain. Also, cannabinoids (THC) are analgesic- meaning they reduce pain. Making cannabis oil is one of the best ways to create medicated edible cannabis products. There are many CBD products that can be purchased online but there are some who prefer to synthesize their own formulations.

Can Anybody Make CBD Oil?  

There are many producers and sellers of CBD oils and other CBD products, and the number keeps rising as the product has been made legal in many states and has been on the rise in the medical industry as chronic pain treatments among many others. Anybody can make CBD oil and its products as long as they have the correct ingredients. However, it is difficult to determine the exact potency of homemade cannabis oils and edibles is especially tricky. Here are a few things that are contributing factors. 

Each plant has different variations within them and that plays an important role in the results of your cannabis oil. How long you have been using the pot you use to perform the extraction and how you store the CBD once completed either counts for or against the CBD products. The time and the temperature at which you did the decarboxylation as it is possible to further decarboxylate the cannabis plant. The process you used to make the oil edible also affects how potent it is. If you cook the edible further the weaker it might be as the CBD cannot stand the heat for a long period of time. 

These factors can either increase or decrease the active THC and CBD components within the CBD Oil and its products and thus give it potency or not. 

man in prison wearing hand cuffs

Is It Legal To Make CBD Oil? 

In most countries, there are viable seeds that are being planted to be purchased from certified seed companies to ensure that the correct hemp variety is being cultivated.

Hemp can only be grown agriculturally in outdoor fields and is forbidden to be grown indoors. Some countries such as the Netherlands only allow hemp to be grown with the intent of fibers and seeds being produced. This means that harvesting the fibers to produce CBD oil is a violation of their narcotics laws.  New Cannabis types cannot be cultivated freely, and they need to be registered officially and this process can take up to seven years before it becomes legal. 

The farm bill passed in 2018 made hemp legal in all the fifty states in the USA. This includes products such as CBD oil. Although hemp is legal in all the states in the USA, there are also various laws within each state that differ from others such as on the medicinal uses and the recreational laws. The federal government does not allow Cannabis to be consumed. CBD products that have been derived from Marijuana and have a percentage of 0.3% THC makes it illegal. The Federal law recognizes any products that contain less than 0.3% only hemp-derived CBD oils are considered legal. 

It is legal to make your own CBD oil, make sure to use pure CBD isolate and a carrier oil that makes the process legal. 

Hemp oil will only contain CBD and very little traces of THC but if you have derived the CBD oil from marijuana the oil will be infused with both THC and CBD components. 

What is The Process of Producing CBD Oil?

There is a specific process that you need to follow to make your own CBD oil. Firstly, you need to decarboxylate the cannabis to extract the compounds you need to make the CBD oil.  

Most CBD recipes state that you should already use CBD that has been decarboxylated first. A quicker way to achieve this is by putting the cannabis plant into the oven and then adding oil to it over a very low heat afterward. 

If you cannot find decarboxylated Cannabis, here are the steps to do this,

How to decarboxylate Cannabis

You need to activate the CBD before you can extract it. You need to make sure that the CBD has been converted from its inactive form CBDA. In hemp plants there is no raw CBD therefore you need to activate it through heating the cannabis plant to get the materials you need. 

This process of heating the cannabis plant and activating the CBD is called decarboxylation. This makes cannabis psychoactive and makes it more potent for medicinal users. You need to heat the cannabis on low heat, slowly and methodically to ensure that the raw THCA and CBDA are converted into the active THC and CBD. 

lab tools for home brewing

Making Cannabis Oil at Home 

The main aspect of making CBD oil at home is to ensure that you do not overheat it. There are two types of carrier oils that you can use, choose between a food-safe alcohol or carrier oil. Using alcohol means you need to soak the hemp plant in the alcohol until it strips away all the compounds you need from it. This is a lengthy process and requires you to have patience as the extract gets potent over time. 

Using a natural oil such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil uses fat solubility.  

Tips for making CBD oil at home,

  • Be precise in determining how much CBD oil you want and what your dose will be. 
  • The standard size of a CBD oil tincture is 30ml or 10z. 
  • Choose a carrier oil. 
  • Choose a high CBD flower. 
  • Use a high-quality and health carrier fat solution. 
  • Store CBD oil as you would any other herb-infused oil. 
  • Use the double boiling method to infuse the CBD isolate with the carrier oil. 

How To Make CBD Oil Using A Food-Safe Alcohol

The ingredients you need are:

  • 30 grams of hemp flower (grounded)
  • High-proof, food-grade alcohol 

Utensils and Equipment Needed: 

  • Parchment Paper 
  • Baking tray 
  • Catchment Container 
  • Mixing bowl
  • Plastic Syringe 
  • Wooden Space
  • Funnel 
  • Double Boiler 
  • Fine Strainer 
  • Spatula 
  • Grinder 

CBD Brewing Instructions Using Alcohol 

  1. You need to decarboxylate your plant by grinding it up to an even consistency and then placing it on parchment paper on a baking tray. Preheat the oven at 225°F (110 Celsius) and bake for one hour. 
  2. Throw the decarboxylated flower in the mixing bowl and submerge it in the alcohol completely.  Stir until it buds for 10 minutes with a wooden spoon. 
  3. While stirring the alcohol will extract the desired compounds such as the cannabinoids and terpenes. 
  4. When you stir the mixture, it speeds up the process by shaking off the trichomes that produce these compounds. 
  5. You need to strain the liquid through a piece of cheesecloth which needs to fall into the catchment container. This separates the CBD-infused extract from the remaining plant matter. The solution will have a dark clean color, you need to repeat this process until the extract is clearer. 
  6. Set up a double boiler – pour the alcohol tincture into the top of the boiler and apply steady heat. 
  7. Keep in mind, the high-proof alcohol is volatile and will evaporate at low temperatures. You can adjust the heat by turning it on and off. 
  8. Also make sure that you have a proper ventilation system, if not perform the extraction outside because the vaper of the alcohol is highly flammable and poses a risk of explosion. 
  9. The extract will have a tar-like consistency once all the alcohol is evaporated. 
  10. You can draw it up in a large syringe while it’s still warm or you can keep it in a bottle with a glass dropper. 
making cbd oil at home using alcohol

Making A CBD Oil Using Carrier Oil 

Ingredients you need: 

  • 30 grams of high-CBD hemp flower 
  • 450-500 ml of coconut oil or hemp seed 

Utensils and Equipment Needed: 

  • Parchment Paper 
  • Herb grinder
  • Double boiler 
  • Glass jar with lid 
  • Baking tray 
  • Cheesecloth 

Manufacturing Instructions

You can use the exact process of decarboxylation for the hemp flower. 

  1. After decarboxylation combines the flowers and the oil which will start the extraction process. Throw two ingredients into the double boiler, fill the bottom container with water and start a light simmer. 
  2. This simmering can take up to 3 hours and once it is done the results are darker than the unprocessed oil. 
  3. Remove the top boiler carefully and place a cheesecloth over the top of a jar and pour your mixture into the container. 
  4. Strain as much oil as possible from the hemp plant and throw away the flower. 
  5. Seal the jar and store it in a cool and dry place. 

Key Takeaways! 

Cannabis oil can be added to any recipe for body care products. It can also help in curing sore muscles, joints, treat inflammation, skin conditions such as eczema, and have even been proven to slow down and prevent some cancer cell types from growing. 

It can even be infused in meals and infused in edibles instead of just applying to the skin. Do not use any baked recipes as low heat and minimum cooking time preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes in the CBD oil. High heat can alter the results. You can also add some drops of CBD oil in tea or coffee, drop some onto your skin or just put a little under your tongue. If you want to get your hands on premium quality CBD oils, then check out the TrueMoola website! You will find a diverse range of CBD and THC products.

Parkinson's decease affecting an elderly coupleCategoriesCBD Oil

Which CBD Oil is Best for Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a multifactorial, progressive life disorder. It has five distinct stages, and the most prominent character of Parkinson’s is uncontrolled tremors. As the disease progresses, the patient moves from slight tremors to uncontrollable shaking and balance disorders. While there is a common fallacy that Parkinson’s cannot be cured, many believe that it can be suppressed using top-shelf CBD oils. In this article, we will explore which CBD oil is the best for individuals suffering from this disease. 

The Ins and Outs of Parkinson’s 

Parkinson’s is not particularly a life-threatening disorder. But it seriously hampers the quality of life of the patient. Moreover, the strain caused by Parkinson’s on the body makes the rest of the body systems vulnerable and prone to serious infections.

Even though it is a sad reality of our world that people do suffer from this disease, we have not found many treatment options for such individuals. There is no definite cure for Parkinson’s, but there have been tremendous advancements in medicine to help manage its symptoms.

There are a bunch of natural remedies available as well. Such as the nootropic effect of different oils and natural substances. Since we know that Parkinson’s is caused by degeneration of a certain part of the brain, we can now stop it from progressing forward using such remedies. The medicinal literature even claims that people with Parkinson’s have a normal life expectancy.

The value lies in the right treatment option for you as well as your belief in the treatment. In this day and age of advancement, no medical problem should be rendered cureless.

elderly woman in a wheelchair being guided down the street

How Does CBD Oil Help Individuals With Parkinson’s?

CBD oil, as we know it now, has a range of benefits; some of which are particularly helpful in the treatment of Parkinson’s. First and foremost, CBD has anti-oxidative properties, which help the body reduce some strain caused by Parkinson’s tremors. Moreover, CBD is a scientifically proven neuroprotective agent. Since Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder, a neuroprotective agent can help fight the degenerative process.

Once we manage to hold off the degenerative process, we can stop the disease from progressing. And stopping the progression of Parkinson’s into an advanced stage is the primary target of any medication.

Furthermore, studies suggest that CBD oil helps control the tremors, invariable of the disease, as it has been a treatment option for epilepsy. By controlling tremors, it reduces bradykinesia and gait disturbances. Adding to that, CBD reacts with dopamine receptors as well. Since low dopamine levels are one of the primary causes of Parkinson’s disease, this feature of CBD even helps prevent this disease.

Even if all the experimental evidence is disregarded, the psychoactive properties of CBD and its oils are known for centuries. These psychoactive properties enable CBD and THC derivatives from the oils to alter the brains’ perception of pain, mood, and emotions. 

On a chemical level, in a diseased state, CBD creates a balance in the brain instead of altering the perception. Thus, helping the chemical homeostasis of the brain and reducing Parkinson’s symptoms.

Oral intake of full-spectrum CBD oils (THC included) has shown a variety of benefits in Parkinson’s patients. Given that, they must be taken regularly and with proper caution. And since CBD oil is an organic and natural product, it does not pose any side effects to the body while treating Parkinson’s, unlike other synthetic substances. On the other hand, CBD oils provide enhanced therapeutic benefits due to the entourage effect.

Are There Enough Types of Fibrous Oils That Help Parkinson’s in Particular?

There are many ways to go about the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. If we only consider nature-driven oils for the treatment and management of Parkinson’s, the options might get slim. It is obvious that natural products have tremendous benefits.

One of these benefits is that they do not cause any significant side effects, and they do not interfere with metabolism. But our goal here is to not overcome nutritional deficiencies, it is to find a possible treatment for Parkinson’s. Since the disease is very particular, only a limited number of oils available in the market can truly offer any help.

One of the aspects that should be considered while purchasing a therapeutic oil for Parkinson’s is its anti-oxidative effect. The tremors associated with Parkinson’s cause a great deal of stress on the body, which results in the production of oxidative stress. Any oil with anti-oxidative properties can help ward off this oxidative stress, thus protecting the brain as well as other organs from oxidative degeneration. For example, the most anti-oxidative-rich oil is extra virgin olive oil, other examples include rapeseed oil as well as other edible oils supplemented with vitamin C and vitamin E.

One of the main issues faced by people suffering from Parkinson’s, other than tremors, is GI disturbance. The gastrointestinal issues are partly because of the lesser amount of dopamine being produced by the brain. And partly this issue is associated with reduced GI motility. 

One of the supplements that can help with GI mobility is fiber. So, fiber-rich edible oils can help expedite the flow rate of chyme (food in intestines) thus reducing GI disturbance. Examples of such oils with high fiber content include coconut oil and almond oil.

cbd products on a tray

What Type of CBD Oil is Best for Parkinson’s?

Logic dictates that we should choose a product that is whole in its own self and provides therapeutic benefits that cater to every aspect of Parkinson’s. So, let us divide the key therapeutic effects needed in the treatment of Parkinson’s and correlate them to the benefits provided by various oils.

First comes the anti-oxidative properties, as they help maintain the oxidative balance in the body, thus protecting vital organs from stress-related damage. There are a number of oils that provide an anti-oxidative effect. Some of them provide enhanced anti-oxidative effects due to the addition of Vit C and E. These oils include CBD oil, rapeseed oil, and olive oil.

Another common issue seen in Parkinson’s patients is GI disturbance. But GI issues can be resolved via diet or any oil that provides fiber and lubrication to enhance the movement of food in the GI tract. In the list of such oils, once again we see CBD oil as number one, then comes almond oil and coconut oil.

As for the neuroprotective effect of edible oils, only one name comes up in various platforms, and that is CBD oil. There is no solid literature present on the neuroprotective effect of other edible oils. Thus, CBD oil takes the win for this one.

Moving towards key causes of Parkinson’s, including neuron degeneration and dopamine reduction. In this matter, CBD oil is the only known edible oil that provides benefits on a chemical level to enhance the perception of the brain regarding dopamine production. Moreover, CBD protects the already damaged yet alive as well as remaining neurons from the damaging effect of Parkinson’s.

Just for the sake of an arbitrary debate, if we consider other oils to be somewhat helpful in treating Parkinson’s symptoms, they are still no match for CBD oils. The key difference between CBD oils and other edible oils lies in the thorough and complete effect of CBD on the entire body system. 

Other edible oils may be successful in providing a soothing effect for one or the other symptom. But CBD helps the entire body cope with this disease. Moreover, CBD oils have the potential to fight the root cause of Parkinson’s as opposed to other oils that provide only supplementary effects.

One of the reasons why CBD oil is so successful in managing Parkinson’s disease is because of the entourage effect. All the elements of a full spectrum CBD oil reinforce each other’s effect. In this way, the entire mechanism and all the therapeutic benefits are enhanced. Thus, CBD oil is proven an enigmatic product for brain health and the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

woman putting CBD oil on her drink

Key Takeaways! 

It is not easy to suffer from a degenerative disorder as excruciating as Parkinson’s. Starting from hand tremors, it slowly takes over your life to an extent that you cannot control any bodily movement. It not only reduces the quality of life but also leaves one vulnerable to other diseases. Even though it is not deadly in itself, it can kill a person’s spirit, as our autonomy over ourselves is the most distinguished human trait.

Let us not dwindle on the negative aspects of the disease. Rather, rejoice in the name of science and medicine. Such that we have made undeniable progress in terms of treatment of seemingly incurable diseases.

After years of the emergence of Parkinson’s, we now know enough about it to be able to recognize it early on and treat it right, so this disease stops in its way. The important factor is to take care of ourselves so that we are not reduced to anything less than what we are. CBD is a miracle product, it has helped many people in their rough journey of Parkinson’s, it can surely help you too.

Instead of focusing on the disease, we invite you to focus on the treatment. Now that we have an organic solution to Parkinson’s, that will not harm you in any way, you shall be nothing but hopeful in this journey. To enjoy the enormous benefits that come with CBD oil, you can head over to Truemoola and invest in all your favorite CBD-related oils and gummies.

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Where To Buy CBD Oil For Cancer

woman suffering from cancerCategoriesCBD Oil

Where To Buy CBD Oil For Cancer

CBD oil is widely known in the market today. Almost everyone is talking about this miraculous product. However, there is still some confusion regarding its benefits, with some people exaggerating its advantages, whilst others downgrading it. So to untangle the mystery, it is important to understand what CBD is. Once we have understood its backstory and origins, we will move on to the more important part: is CBD oil beneficial for cancer treatment.

There is no cure for cancer out there, however, certain products have been tested and are known for improving symptoms. CBD is one of those few magical products, read ahead to find out.

CBD Oil – Unraveling This Hyped Up Substance

Once available at only a view of shops, CBD has become very popular and is available in a plethora of stores all around. It is derived from Cannabis plants, the source of both THC and CBD. However, unlike what people believe, CBD doesn’t produce the high associated with other cannabis-related products. 

There is also some confusion regarding the differences between hemp and CBD oils. We are here to clear it all. Marijuana and hemp are varieties of cannabis Sativa plants. Both of them contain a good amount of THC and CBD. However, there are some differences in these compounds. Hemp contains a relatively less amount of THC as compared to marijuana plants. This is important to remember because CBD is not a psychoactive agent and hence doesn’t result in any hallucinations or drowsiness. 

Moreover, CBD   only comes in the form of a liquid. It is also available in the form of sprays, tablets, and capsules. You can take CBD in any form depending on your preference. Additionally, there are also roll-ups that you can apply to your skin or even vaping solutions that you can use. Some companies also extract CBD and add it to edible items to enhance their appeal. 

Commonly, CBD is known for treating joint pain, reducing the adverse symptoms of depression and anxiety. Moreover, some research has also indicated a positive relationship between CBD oil and an enhanced circulation system. But is there any connection between the oil and cancer treatment? For that, you’ll have to continue reading. 

cancer patient sitting by the stairs

Why is Cancer So Dangerous – A Look At Its Symptoms

Now that we have understood one side of the story, it is time to understand the other. Little needs to be said on the magnanimity of the disease. Cancer is, without any doubt, one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. And yet, millions of people all around the world suffer from this disease. 

At the earlier stages, cancer can result in fatigue or extreme tiredness, which can lead to breathlessness. As you move to the next stages, you undergo significant weight loss and health degradation. Other symptoms include constant nausea, vomiting, and frequent pain. You can also experience lumps and swelling on different parts of your body. In the worst-case scenario, cancer can take away the will to live and ultimately results in death. 

What’s worse is that despite numerous researches, there is no one single cure to eradicate this illness. Things like chemotherapy can only help mitigate the pain or slow down the degradation process. In some cases, it can help wipe out cancer cells. However, that too comes at a huge cost. In most cases, people prefer undergoing the pain caused by cancer rather than undergoing chemotherapy. 

This is because the latter is expensive, painful, and unpredictable. It doesn’t guarantee results. However, there is a plus side to it as well, in many cases, chemotherapy, coupled with some other medications can help ease the process. It can also help with the reduction in the severity of symptoms.

So now the question arises: Is CBD a good option for people with cancer? Does it actually help reduce the intensity of the symptoms? We will be answering all these questions in the next section.

cbd oil dripping from dropper

What is The Connection Between CBD Oil and Cancer?

There are two ways to answer this question: one is research-based, and the other is anecdotal-based. If we look at the research, the situation looks quite dim. We can conclude that there haven’t been many studies, and hence there isn’t much evidence to support the claim.

However, if we trust the word of the doctor and the patients who have used CBD oil for their cancer treatment, we get a whole different story. 

Nausea and vomiting are some of the most frequent symptoms that people with cancer experience. The administration of CBD oil and THC have been known to reduce feelings of nausea and anorexia. Additionally, it has also been known to treat or reduce the intensity of neuropathy. Furthermore, cancer patients undergo anxiety and depression. And both research and anecdotal experiences suggest that CBD oil helps reduce these symptoms and help regulate the individual’s mental health. 

Some other synthetic cannabinoids like dronabinol have been approved and are being used for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. However, the current research doesn’t put them higher up on the list than conventional anti-nausea medications. But this is not a reason to lose hope. In reality, this should incentivize researchers to carry out more research in the area. 

We have already established that the research in regard to this question isn’t favorable, however, that doesn’t suggest that there is no research at all. In the next section, we will be highlighting some important conclusions that have been drawn in studies.

doctors analyzing cbd as cure for cancer

Does Research Support This Connection?

Most studies have been done on animals, but they give us cause for joy. Most studies have concluded that cannabinoids help reduce tumor growth in animal models of cancer. Additionally, CBD has also been found to increase or enhance potency, thus ensuring long-term benefits for cancer patients. 

  1. A study conducted in 2019 on in vitro and in vivo methods focused on pancreatic cancer and found that cannabinoids help reduce tumor invasion and tumor growth. It also helps kill some tumor cells. The authors of the study also leave suggestions for further research. They emphasize the need to carry out more studies on dosing, prescriptions, and formulations.
  2. Another study was done in the same year also shows favorable results. The study indicated that CBD could help induce cell death. Moreover, it can also make glioblastoma cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and radiation. Lastly, it concludes that CBD does this without harming any healthy cells. This makes CBD one of the safest drugs on the market.
  3. We will also quote another excellent study that shows promising results. The study was done on men from California and found out that the use of cannabis like CBD is inversely associated with bladder cancer risk. However, it is important to note that the study doesn’t claim any cause and effect relationship.

Is There Any Oil Made Specially for Cancer?

Due to a lack of research, companies haven’t invested a lot of money in making Cancer-specific oils. However, there are some companies like Truemoola whose CBD products work amazingly well for cancer, but more on that later. Although CBD is a natural product that has been shown to provide general health benefits, that shouldn’t prevent anyone from approaching it with caution and restraint.

There is a lot of variation between CBD products. We have already mentioned the many ways in which they can be administered. The way you consume them affects their effectiveness. According to many users, application through oils is the safest and most effective way. But at the end of the day, you need to choose a form that best suits you. 

Additionally, you should be well aware that many products sold online come with misleading labels. Researchers analyzed 84 CBD products sold online and found out that around 43% of the products had a higher concentration of CBD than they claimed. 26% had a lower concentration than was stated on the label. This not only misleads the public but also decreases the trust of people.

If you are currently using CBD for cancer, the first thing you need to do is find a product that comes from a trustworthy and reliable brand. Moreover, using CBD along with other therapies can increase your chances of results. The therapy coupled with CBD can also help in pain mitigation and reduction in other symptoms. To get a better idea of what therapies and what medications to use, you should consult your doctor.

cancer patient taking medicine

How To Determine The Right CBD Products

Before you make a final decision, or before you talk to your doctor, there are a couple of basic things you should be aware of. Here is what you need to know.

  • Products derived from Hemp will contain very little amount of THC.
  • Products derived from marijuana will contain high levels of THC.
  • You should also avoid any products that make over-the-top health claims, such as marketing CBD as a cure to cancer- these are bound to disappoint.
  • You should also compare different labels to get a good idea of the amount of CBD in each product.
  • It is also a good idea to start with a small dose. If it helps with your symptoms, you can gradually increase your dose.
  • Before buying the product, make sure to check the company’s reputation and experience. You don’t want to buy a product from a newly found company. They are bound to make huge claims that they won’t be able to fulfill.
  • Furthermore, you need to ensure that the company you choose offers a good level of transparency. The company should reveal its source of manufacturing and testing its products.
researchers focused on discussing cancer cures

CBD and Legality?

When it comes to CBD, legality makes for a huge issue. Despite recent changes made to the laws, many people are still unaware of what is happening in regard to this product. Needless to say, CBD enjoys a very complex, yet interesting status right now. At the national level of the USA, CBD and marijuana, from which it is often extracted, are illegal for medical use. A bill in 2018, Farm Bill legalized the production of hemp nationally, however, it barred companies from either producing or marketing the product for medicinal use but they can sell CBD for recreational purposes.

These companies can also not sell the product as a dietary supplement. Any CBD product that is intended for medical purposes must undergo a thorough FDA review. However, this is not the end, there is more to the story. State laws across the country vary. For instance, in Texas, the compassionate use act allows the use of marijuana for some medical purposes. Cancer patients would be glad to know that the law has been recently expanded. Earlier, it was used for intractable epilepsy only, now it includes cancer and some neurodegenerative diseases as well. 

However, more needs to be done because there are some discrepancies within the law. So for now, it may be legal to use CBD or related products in states like Alaska and Colorado. Any employer who works with CBD needs to follow state regulations and pay special attention to quality control and standardization of the product. This is essential because the presence of even a small amount of THC can result in a positive test. This result could subsequently get you into legal trouble. So it is best to do your research and only buy stores that prioritize standardization.

What Do You Think About This? 

While CBD offers many advantages like pain reduction and mitigation of mental illness, it is too soon to say that it can completely replace other cancer treatments. Researchers and companies need to gear up and work towards expanding the helm of their research. Only after successive studies can a cause and effect relationship be established.

However, it is not wrong to say that CBD can help cancer patients live significantly better life. So if you are looking for the best CBD products, you should look for them at Truemoola. The company is known for its thorough testing and quality control. Needless to say, products purchased from here would not mislead you. Moreover, the company sells CBD in a diverse range of forms. You can get the highly popular CBD oil or gummies. But for cancer, we suggest the former.

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Which CBD Oil is Best for Parkinson’s Disease?

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Where To Buy CBD Oil: Best Online CBD Oil Brands

CBD oil is the miracle product we have all been waiting for. Even though it has been around for centuries, we have only begun to explore its medicinal benefits. Unfortunately, for a long time, misconceptions of CBD being associated with the intoxicated relaxed condition have barred us From using it for our own betterment.

Luckily, now we know that only THC causes relaxation and that is not the key component of CBD oil. Yes! That means you can use CBD oil for any number of its benefits without getting too relaxed or breaking the law.

Where To Buy CBD Oil?

Now that CBD oil and other CBD-associated products have been legalized to be used in some parts of America, they can be found at a number of locations. 

In its essence, CBD is an over-the-counter product, so you do not need any prescription from a health care worker as you do with other medications. Some pharmacies keep CBD-related products in their stock, as well as some grocery stores. But the best way to do this is to obtain it from a certified brand. Since the legalization of CBD, a ton of brands have emerged with their unique blends offering CBD oils. Some brands have expanded their businesses into physical stores, but why go through all that trouble when you can get everything from an E-store. It only takes a few clicks on a website, and you receive your desired product in the mail a few days later. 

There is no hassle, and you get the right product as well, given that you chose the right place to purchase it from. So, get your CBD oils from a website of a trusted brand. But to know more about this trusted brand, read ahead.

using a toblet to shop online

Can Anyone Buy CBD Oil?

CBD oil provides a ton of therapeutic benefits that can help a variety of people. But not everyone can acquire CBD oil with ease. Some brands and websites require the age of the person purchasing the CBD oil, and they all have their own set standards. Some websites allow buyers from ages 18 onwards, while others only let you buy if you are 21. One thing is for sure, that a kid not of legal age, cannot acquire CBD oil without parental permission.

In terms of locations, there are certain areas where obtaining CBD oil for any purpose is still not commonly accepted. Thus, in those areas with low sales, brands tend to expand less. In this case, you will still get CBD oil, but it might take longer to get it to you. Even though CBD oil and all other CBD-related products are legal in some states, there is still some derision based on the culture of the area.

What Matters The Most While Buying CBD Oil

There are many factors that must be reviewed before buying CBD oil. Overall, the process of buying CBD oil might seem rather simple, it might seem like it’s a matter of a couple of clicks only. However, in reality, the truth digs down further. Because it is important to choose the right type of oil for your condition or issue. These are the things you should consider while purchasing a CBD oil tincture for yourself or your loved ones.

1. Spectrum

First and foremost, you should check the spectrum of the CBD oil you are about to purchase. There are three basic spectrums of CBD oil. All of these have varying qualities due to one key factor, and that is the entourage effect. In terms of name, there are the full-spectrum CBD oil, the broad-spectrum CBD oil, and the CBD isolate.

The full-spectrum CBD oils provide the full-blown therapeutic benefits commonly associated with CBD oil. Because they contain cannabinoid elements other than CBD as well. These include CBGA, CBDA, CBCA, THC, and the rest of the elements found in the cannabis plant. Although the concentrations of other elements vary from brand to brand, only cannabidiol (CBD) is the chief component of CBD oils. The important thing to notice here is that THC (the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant) is only added in negligible amounts. The legal amount of THC is 0.3 percent,  and most certified brands tend to stay within that limit.

The broad-spectrum CBD oil is only different from full-spectrum in one respect. It does not contain any THC. As far as other cannabinoid elements are concerned, they are added in the broad-spectrum CBD oils in appropriate proportions. Still, cannabidiol (CBD) is the only chief component. Last but not the least, CBD isolates CBD oils. The name is pretty self-explanatory. This kind of CBD oil only contains cannabidiol and no other cannabinoid elements. The entourage effect mentioned earlier only happens when CBD is paired with other cannabinoid elements. So, if you want to experience the entourage effect then purchase both of our full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil and use them in conjunction.

2. Flavors

The taste palette of some people is very sensitive. This factor is only important for those with heightened bitter taste perception. The natural flavor of the cannabis plant is very bitter. When its essence is added into oil, the taste of that CBD oil is naturally becoming bitter as well. To mask this extremely bitter taste, some brands offer flavored CBD oils. These flavors not only increase the palatability of the CBD oil but also add a lovely aroma to it as well. As a result, you do not despise taking CBD oil, rather look forward to it.

3. Potency

In common language, potency describes the ability of any element to be able to cause an effect. Usually, a higher potency suggests a highly concentrated product. It is the same for CBD oils as well. Potencies are represented using numbers and defined in terms of the metric system. The potency mentioned on the bottle of any CBD oil describes the total concentration of CBD in the tincture. Whereas the high and low potency is defined according to the concentration of any element in one dose.

A standard dose of CBD oil is about one milliliter. A high potency CBD oil is one that provides 50 mg or more CBD oil per dose. While low potency, CBD oil provides less than 50 mg CBD concentrate per dose. As we increase the potency of the CBD oil, the magnitude of its effect increases, as well as its time in the system. The therapeutic effects of high potency CBD oils will be readily visible and last longer as compared to the low potency CBD oil.

You should choose the right potency, and can ask a health care worker to decide which potency CBD oil might be right for you. If you have only started using CBD oil, then we suggest you should start with the lowest potency and move towards high potency gradually till you achieve your desired result. It’s also must be mention that the quality of the CBD product is related to it’s price. There are many affordable low concentration products but the reason why CBD can be expensive is because of it’s quality and concentration.

searching the online cannabis stores

Is It Legal To Order CBD Oil from A Website?

CBD oil has been legalized for consumption for quite a while now. The method of sale and purchase of CBD oil was never a matter of legal consultation. The concentration of cannabinoid elements is subjected to legal terms and conditions. As far as legality is concerned, it was finalized a long time ago. So, starting from a broad term, almost anyone can buy CBD oil anywhere in the USA. As long as you are of legal age, you can obtain and use CBD oil in the country.

So, it is legal for you to order CBD oil from a website. But make sure you purchase your CBD oil from a trustworthy vendor.

What Do You Need to Know Before Choosing A CBD Oil Store?

The effect of CBD oil comes on gradually hence it has to be used for a long period of time to achieve the best results. Thus, choosing the right CBD oil store is very important. Buying from a good CBD oil store saves one a lot of hassle and apprehension. The below-mentioned qualities are a must-have in any CBD oil store that is worth your business.

employee sorting out cannabis leaves

1. Third-party testing

CBD oil and other CBD-related products are not pharmaceutical products thus they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. CBD oils are considered nutraceutical because of their organic origin. Ultimately the quality of the final product is not repeatedly checked by FDA which allows many businesses to opt for cheaper and lesser quality elements.

It is upon the brand itself to choose to produce high-quality CBD oils. Not all hope is lost. There is a way you can make sure that the brand you choose offers the best quality CBD oils. Some brands subject their products to third-party testing. In this process, independent labs test the products and cross-check them with the claims of the company. Some CBD oil stores release third-party reports on their websites to take their customers’ confidence.

You should only buy your CBD oils from stores that get their products tested from a third-party lab in order to make sure you receive the best of the best.

2. Supplier Reputation

The reputation of a company reflects the quality of its products. You should always check the reviews to see if other people had a pleasant experience purchasing from the store in question. Some reviews might be posted by angry birds, but most of the reviews present online are made by legit customers explaining their true experience. And what to trust better than the word of a fellow human going through the same thing as you are.

3. Extraction method

A lot of the important factors associated with CBD oil and the stores that sell it have been covered above. But one thing is additional, and it might make the biggest difference. It is the extraction method used by brands to extract CBD from the plant. There have been some amazing advancements in this field through time, especially after the legalization of CBD products. There are a few methods that have been, prominent throughout time, used for CBD extraction from the cannabis plant.

The latest and most advanced method of CBD extraction is the carbon dioxide method. It is however costly, so the brands using this extraction method might inflate the prices of their products. But it is the most efficient way to extract CBD and other cannabinoid elements from the plant without the addition of unnecessary elements. This method separates CBD from other environmental additives, providing you with the most authentic and concentrated form of CBD oil.

So, you should also check the extraction method used by any brand before purchasing CBD oil from them.

weight the cannabis leaves by jars

Where Can You Get The Best CBD Oil From? 

There are many brands from where you can acquire CBD oil for your needs, but one brand has always stood out as exceptional in terms of all qualities. The is the home to all your CBD oil purchases. They offer broad-spectrum as well as full-spectrum CBD oils in light of the entourage effect, so you receive the best advantages CBD oil has to offer. Even their prices are very reasonable as compared to the market. They are also offering a ten percent discount to their customers, and other such discount deals. 

On top of decent prices, their product’s quality is regulated from the start. Yes, they start quality regulation from the source, aka the plant. They only use industrial hemp in their products and not your regular backyard marijuana plant. Moreover, they have a variety of other products as well, if you don’t want CBD oil, you can try out their delicious CBD gummies or CBD topical for all your skin issues. You could say they have all the solutions to your CBD problems.

In our view, Truemoola is one reliable brand. You can stick to their products for long-term or short-term treatment. Their products will always remain the best. 

ingesting drops of cbd oilCategoriesCBD Oil

CBD Time: How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD oil has become a popular course of treatment within the medical industry and has been used as an alternative treatment for chronic pain and to treat the symptoms of other diseases or disorders. 

It is a solvent extracted from the Cannabis plant and dissolved in edible oil such as olive oil, sunflower oil, and most commonly hemp. Did you know that humans can tolerate up to 1500mg of CBD oil as a daily dosage? However, it should be administered with caution. There are also some side effects that you should watch out for depending on the types of CBD products that you use and how it is made. 

How Does CBD Oil Work?

After being discovered as a treatment for a rare type of epilepsy syndrome in children under the age of 2. CBD oil is now used as a medicinal treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. The CBD oil is a psychoactive isomer that is extracted from and eliminates the THC compound in the Cannabis plant.  It interacts with the human physiological central nervous system. This system contains the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for the regulation of basic human physiology. This endocannabinoid onto the receptors in the body and gives a calming effect. It binds with the receptors in your body and helps suppress pain. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and has pain-relieving properties that can help with pain management. CBD oils also relieve people from depression and anxiety symptoms. 

People who are suffering from chronic pain can use CBD oils for pain relief instead of opting for highly – addictive drugs such as opioids. 

CBD products can also help curb withdrawal symptoms and aid in preventing addiction. It is used to treat many different symptoms from different diseases. 

Some of the symptoms and diseases that CBD oil is used to treat are: 

  • Nausea 
  • Depression and Anxiety 
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Cancer 
  • Huntington’s disease 
  • Acne 
  • Skin conditions (psoriasis, skin cancer, atopic dermatitis) 
  • Lowers high blood pressure 
  • Epilepsy 
man holding a medicine dropper

How Long Does it Affect You? 

There are many aspects of using CBD oil that you need to consider before you start taking CBD oil. One of the most important ones people often worry about is how long CBD oil stays in your system. Here are some of the contributing factors to the length of time you could experience the effects of CBD oil. 

1. How much should you use?

Since CBD oil is still a substance nonetheless, the higher the dosage prescribed the longer the CBD will stay in your system. 

2. How often do you use it?  

This also plays a factor in how long the CBD oil will stay in your body over time. Frequent usage means that it stays in your body longer than if you use it occasionally. If you are a first-time user, try the CBD oil for a week first to see if it works for you, and then you can continue with it long-term. 

3. How does your body work with CBD?

CBD substances/products have different reactions on different body types. Things such as your body mass index, the water content, and the type of metabolism you have are also some of the influences on the length of CBD remaining in your system. 

4. Which food can you have? 

Your food intake also influences how long CBD oil stays in your system. Depending, what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat it. Taking CBD on an empty stomach means that it would be metabolized quicker and work out of your system faster than having it slowly digested on a full stomach. 

5. What is the method of use?

The way you choose to take the CBD oil one is one of the main influences for how long it will stay in your body. 

The Difference between Marijuana, Cannabis, and Hemp

Although CBD is an essential component of medical Marijuana, it is directly extracted from the hemp plant which is a cousin of the marijuana plant or made in a laboratory. 

man measuring the weight of jarred leaves of cannabis

The Different Types of CBD Oil 

There are different forms of CBD oil products that you can use, and each product has its own length of stay in your system. 

  • Oil and tinctures – Since the oil is used by putting some drops underneath the tongue to have it absorbed into the bloodstream much faster, it stays longer in the bloodstream. 
  • Pills and Capsules 
  • Edibles – Since this gets digested, it depends on the metabolism to break down the CBD which can take some time before it is out of the system. 
  • Vaping – Vaping CBD isn’t recommended at first as it enters your lungs and quickly takes effect before leaving the body just as quickly as it entered. 
  • Creams and lotions – Using creams and lotions may take a while for the CBD to make its way into the bloodstream and may also take a while for it to be released from the body. 

Generally, CBD stays in your body for 2-5 days, but it depends on the influences surrounding the CBD usage and since everyone’s range is not the same, for others it could be longer. 

How Long Does CBD Take To Show Its Effects? 

The time frame it takes for the CBD oil to show its effects within the body is also dependent on the same influences which affect the length of the oil in the system. 

It cannot be predicted how soon or late the CBD oil will take effect as it all depends on the type of CBD used, the amount of CBD oil, and how your body metabolizes the CBD which will be able to predict when and how you will feel the effects of the CBD. 

For those who are vapping CBD or putting the drops under your tongue, you could feel the effects of the CBD oil within 15 minutes of using it.  It could take up to two hours for edibles or creams to kick in after eating or applying them. 

person holding a cannabis leaf

Is CBD Safe To Use? 

There are various side effects of the usage of CBD oil or products. These side effects include things such as nausea, fatigue, and irritability. 

CBD can also increase the levels of blood thinning, and other medicines could compete for the liver enzymes that break down medications. 

People that take high dosages will show liver abnormalities when tested, this is why you should always disclose to your doctor if you are using CBD oil if it’s a non-prescription. 

Another safety concern is that CBD has been marketed as a supplement and sold as one, instead of stating it is for medical purposes. Always make sure that the CBD you buy is from a reputable source. 

Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test? 

Since THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main compound that is responsible for the “high” effect it will show up in the drug test if there are traces of it in the CBD, but typically CBD oil does not show up when tested.  See the difference of THC and CBD here.

Some CBD products do contain traces of THC but can be allowed up to 0.3% to be considered legal. It all depends on the type of CBD product you use. 

Here are some of the CBD products that are available for usage: 

  • CBD isolates – This product only consists of CBD. 
  • Broad- Spectrum CBD – This product eliminates the THC component. 
  • Full-Spectrum CBD – This product contains all the natural compounds that are found in the plant and made into CBD products. 

If you want a full-spectrum CBD oil, make sure it is made from the Hemp plant and not Marijuana as hemp excludes THC but keeps the other compounds. 

People who are breastfeeding should not be taking any CBD products while breastfeeding, and mothers who are using CBD oils and want to start breastfeeding should wait at least 1 week beforehand to allow it to clear out of their system. 

What Are Your Thoughts on CBD?

It is hard to pinpoint exactly how long CBD can stay in your system as there are many outside influences that are involved with the effects CBD has on each person’s body. 

Check out some of the best products available in the market on the TrueMoola website! Before trying any of the products available on the site to treat a medical condition, consult with your physician to ensure that it has no negative effects on your body and does not enhance any of the conditions or diseases that you might have. 

Also, make sure of the legal status on the purchasing of the CBD oil and always read the ingredients of the product to ensure that there are no other ingredients such as THC which might alter your state of mind or cause you to become addicted to the product.