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How Does CBD Vape Make You Feel? Know the Effects

How Does CBD Vape Make You Feel? Know the Effects

woman vaping cbd on the street

Vaping is inhaling aerosols that contain several different chemicals which can include nicotine and flavors. These chemicals are put into a vape pen or device which is also known as an e-cigarette. Most of these vapes are made from metal, electronics, and glass. There are no dangers of having these chemicals mix with the liquid when you use the vape pen or device, as each section of the vape pen or device serves a specific purpose.

The coil inside the device gets heated when you push the button on the vape and that heats the liquid that is inside the tank/cartridge and the vapor produced from that process is what people will inhale. With the rise of medical marijuana, Companies have found ways to incorporate various methods to meet a variety of different people’s needs that might need to use CBD oils and their products on a medical aspect.

Vaping e-juice has become one of them. This is a liquid specially designed to be vaped and differs greatly from the CBD oil tinctures. So, let’s read on about how does CBD vape make you feel!

What Is Vape? 

Electronic cigarettes were developed to have fewer people smoking and buying cigarettes. Thus, the e-cigarette was supposed to be a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette that was flavored so there was no need for nicotine. The flavor is used to replace tobacco smoke.

The Common Contents of a Vape E-Juice

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

The vegetable glycerin can make up about 80% of the e-liquid. This is the reason why there is a thin vapor and no smoke coming out of the vaporizer. The glycerin is extracted from vegetable oils. It is a non-toxic colorless liquid that doesn’t have any smell but gives off a sweet taste. It is also very thick and viscous.

It is important to note that once processed, vegetable oils become alcohol and that makes them safe to inhale.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Some of these e-liquids can contain more Propylene Glycol than Vegetable oil. Propylene Glycol fills the rest of the percentage of these e-liquids alongside vegetable oil. It is an alcohol that doesn’t have any odor and has a faintly sweet taste to it. It also helps keep other products that are added moist. Some people can be allergic to propylene glycol and if you are sensitive to it then opt for an e-liquid that has more Vegetable Glycerin in it.


Vaping has a wide variety of flavors and each of these liquids is flavored with food-grade additives.


Most of these liquids do contain nicotine, this is the reason why people can easily substitute vaping for smoking. Make sure to check the labels for the ingredients on these e-juices to ensure that the above ingredients are the main ingredients. Avoid liquids that have any other ingredients, vitamins, or have added supplements such as carrier oils, caffeine, or anything extra.

man refiling a vape pen

What are CBD E-Liquids Made From?

They are made of the exact same ingredients as normal e-liquids except for the addition of CBD. These CBD infusions can be pure Isolate, Broad- spectrum, or Full-Spectrum. This means, NO THC, CBD, and other components except THC and CBD, THC, and every other component combined. Different e-liquids have different ratios of two components.

In CBD E-liquids there is often a 50/50 split to create a balance between how much flavor there is and how much vapor production there is.  Non- CBD E-liquids often use a ratio of 70/30, this means you need a high-powered device to help vaporize the e-liquid properly.

When it comes to flavoring – it can either be natural or artificial. Some CBD e-liquids contain hemp terpenes that could be added for flavor. This creates authentic, hemp-infused flavors that can add to the CBD’s therapeutic benefits.

CBD e-liquids are infused with 99.9 % pure CBD isolate. This is tasteless and odorless but is the strongest form of CBD. With it being 100% THC-free, it means that it is non-intoxicating and will have no heavy adverse side effects.

How Does Vaping Make You Feel?

CBD has many therapeutic benefits thus making you feel different when using them. These have mood-altering compounds and can relieve symptoms of many illnesses such as helping with pain and nausea, as well as reducing inflammation.

Cannabinoids are psychoactive but it depends on whether it has THC included. THC is intoxicating and gives people the feeling of being high. It produces actual euphoria and alters the perceptions of space and time, whereas CBD only promotes the feelings of relaxation and brings on calmness.

However, people who vape CBD- rich hemp flowers/ high-CBD /low marijuana flowers also seem to be experiencing most of the psychoactive effects. The reason for this is that possibly the level of THC found in this flower is much higher than the other CBD products. When you vape or smoke CBD, the active ingredients that are found in the CBD vape juice are expedited to the brain via the lungs far quicker than other methods of ingesting CBD.

Using CBD tinctures (putting a drop under the tongue) is another quick method of the CBD oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Eating edibles take much longer to process as it first needs to go through the liver before it reaches the bloodstream.   Some users can feel the presence of any amount of THC if it is mixed with CBD. This effect is known as the entourage effect theory. The entourage effect comes down to the cannabinoids combining to create more than the sum of their parts.

Even though vaping CBD has different effects on everybody there are effects that are commonly felt by users. Feelings of relaxation, calmness, pain relief, reduced inflammation, and whether you feel tired, or alert would depend upon the dosage that you take.

Vaping Tips for Beginners

CBD can make everyone feel different things, here are a few tips you should consider before you start vaping.

  • If you are a first-time vaper, make sure to try vaping at home for it can make you drowsy and this can interfere with your abilities to drive or operate in a workspace.
  • Begin on a lower dosage and slowly build on your dosages once your body starts getting used to it.
  • You can vape while eating food
  • Use 30 minutes breaks after puffing to see if there are any effects such as feeling lightheaded.

What Are the Benefits of Vaping CBD?

Vaping is less harmful than smoking, but it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe.

Vaping CBD has many pros as it has cons. CBD Vape is most bioavailable which means it is fast-acting, tastes great and authentic cannabis is used. Vape is also flavored and has flavors that appeal to anyone. They are also available in different dosages which means that each has different strengths.

stacks of cbd vape products on the store shelf

Harmful Effects of Cheap-Quality Vape Products

Vaping is not as discrete as using oils, creams, or chewing on edibles. There are standards you need to adhere too because you’re placing the chemical in your body. Also, if smoking is banned in an area, then vaping is not allowed as well.

There are also some negative effects of vaping with poor quality CBD products:

1. Constant Vaping Can Weaken the Immune System

It is best to avoid vaping when pregnant or breastfeeding as it can delay the development of the fetuses, and children.

Depending on where you purchase your CBD e-liquid, some can contain synthetic marijuana, chemicals, and vitamin E acetate, this makes it unsafe to be vaped. CBD e-liquids can even use carrier oils that are not suitable to be inhaled even though they are safe to be consumed. Studies have shown that the two main ingredients of the e-liquid recipe being propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can cause long-term side effects if inhaled repeatedly.

Propylene glycol when heated can create formaldehyde which is found in cigarette smoke – this is equivalent to smoking a whole cigarette. Also, the device’s coil when heated can also leak traces of other dangerous compounds that can infuse in the oil.

Also, make sure that you have high-quality vape pens or devices as overheating the e-liquid can be harmful to your health.

2. Vaping Can Damage The Lungs

it can release free radicals into the body – these can promote cancer and its development.

If you experience coughing after vaping, you could be suffering from popcorn lung. This is one of the conditions that develop when people vape using low-quality CBD. Although it is extremely rare it is not impossible. Popcorn lung is a condition that damages the smallest airways in the lung and causes coughing and shortness of breath.

This is the result of inhaling diacetyl which is the buttery–flavored chemical that can be found in foods. Since CBD vape flavors that are added to the e-liquids are food-grade additives, some of these CBD e-liquids could contain chemicals that aren’t suited to be inhaled thus damaging the lungs.

3. Vaping Is an Easy Access Substance for Teens

Statistics have shown that teenagers are prone to developing lung injuries because they are unaware of the dangers of using vapes and have become addicted to the nicotine that is in the E-liquid juices.  Also, this might also give them access to experimenting with CBD e-liquid juices that have a combination of THC which would give them the experience of being high and this is addictive as well.

This also affects their development and poses several risks for other underlying conditions that could affect their health drastically.

How Much CBD Can You Vape?

To determine this, you need to consider the strength of the CBD in your e-liquid. Each CBD e-liquid contains a different amount of CBD which then determines each having various levels of potency. How strong you want your CBD depends solely on what you are using it to treat and how often you are going to use the vape. By starting with a lower dosage first and using the vape less, you can figure out how much more you need to use to help treat the conditions or ease symptoms. 

people walking down the street

Who Can Use Vape?

Anybody who is of legal age can use vape devices. Commonly, it was a major attraction among teens which has started the rise of the teen vaping epidemic. The reason for this is because of its fun flavors and the fact that it is not smoking.

Recently, this has died down. Some smokers have turned to vape in the hope of quitting the bad habit and changing their lifestyles to be healthier. Since there is nicotine available in these e-juices, it helps smokers gradually wean themselves off the substance by adjusting the dosages and strengths of the e-liquid to benefit them.

People who have been using CBD products to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, side effects from other illnesses and diseases can choose to use vaping CBD as a quick treatment when in need.

Key Takeaways!

Most people who choose to use CBD Vape juice do so because it is quick reacting and comes in different flavors. The dosages are also easy to control, and it is compact which means you can travel with them in your pocket.

However, certain areas may make it hard in terms of smoking laws and policies despite it not giving off smoking, it is still a substance that has been inhaled. Discuss CBD vaping with your doctor before you try using it as a form of treatment and monitor your body’s response to ensure that it is a safe method to use.

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  1. Great article on the pros and cons of vaping CBD! I’m interested in trying it out for its fast-acting effects, and seems like a great place to start shopping for high-quality products.

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